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Onsite Training

All MikroTik classes can be held at a location of your choice. Even for small groups of two or more persons an on site training can be cost-effective - if you have an adequate room for the training.

Next to the standard trainings it is possible to define the topics of an onsite training according to your needs, focus special technologies within a standard course or just address a single topic like "The Dude" within a one day training.

Typically an on site training is a good choice for groups with three or more participants, but can also be arranged for a single attendant. Lecture-like presentations can be held for groups of any size.

We will be pleases to arrange an idividual training for your staff or your customers in English or German language.

Please contact training@fmsweb.de, Tel.: +49 761 2926500 for further information or get a quote.



Some customers, where we have done on site trainings:


FELKATEC Software GmbH & Co. KG
Huisheim, Germany


Licom nv
Heerlen, Netherlands


miecom Kommunikationstechnik
Binswangen, Germany


myNET Internet Solutions
Landeck, Austria


NetCommunity GmbH
Görlitz, Germany


TRIOTRONIK Computer und Netzwerktechnik GmbH
Weiz, Austria


Grünberg, Germany


xtraport Ltd.
Gottenheim, Germany


MikroTik User Meetings

European MikroTik User Meetings with talks or trainings given by us:


MUM 2012 Warsaw/Poland

MUM 2014 Venice/Italy

MUM 2015 Prague/Czech Republic

MUM 2015 Zurich/Switzerland

MUM 2016 Ljubljana/Slovenia